Matthew Bridges, d.1894 / Old Welsh melody

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Blessed Lamb

1 Blessed Lamb! on Calv'ry's mountain
Slain to take our sins away:
Let the drops of that rich fountain
Our tremendous ransom pay:
Sacred Savior! Sacred Savior!
Lowly at Thy feet we pray.
2 Blessed Lamb! vouch safe us pardon,
In thy love our souls confide:
By Thy groans within the garden,
By the death which Thou hast died,
Let Thy Passion, let Thy Passion
Ever more with us abide!
3 So shall peace, sweet peace be given,
Purchase of Thy precious pain;
So shall earth but lead to heaven,
Since for us the Lamb was slain:
Dear Redeemer! dear Redeemer!
Thou canst not have died in vain.