VESPERS HYMN FOR LENT : Audi Benigne Conditor
St. Gregory the Great. d.604, Tr. T.A.Lacey / T.Campion, d.1619

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Latin (different tune): AUDI BENIGNE CONDITOR

Audi benigne Conditor

1 O Kind Creator, how Thine ear;
Mark Thou our pray'r and contrite tears,
Unto Thy throne of mercy raised,
Through holy fast of forty days.
Audi, benígne Cónditor,
Nóstras préces cum flétibus,
In hoc sácro jejúnio
Fúsas quadragenário.
2 Our hearts are open before Thee,
Searcher of our infirmity;
Now as we turn to seek Thy face,
Pour down on us redeeming grace.
Scrutátor álme córdium,
Infírma tu scis vírium:
Ad te revérsis éxhibe
Remissiónis grátiam.
3 As sinners we offend indeed,
Yet spare those who still trust in Thee;
And for the honor of Thy name,
Our languid souls to life reclaim.
Multum quidem peccávimus,
Sed párce confiténtibus:
Ad nóminis láudem túi,
Cónfer medélam lánguidis.
4 Let now the body be put down;
By sense and sin the same unowned:
We ask of Thee, do Thou concede,
That fasting hearts from vice recede.
Concéde nóstrum cónteri
Córpus per abstinéntiam,
Cúlpæ ut relínquant pábulum
Jejúna córda críminum.
5 Grant, O most Holy Trinity,
One undivided Unity,
That by the bodies' fasting blest,
Thy faithful souls in Thee may rest.
Praésta beáta Trínitas,
Concéde símplex Unitas:
Ut fructuósa sint túis
Jejuniórum múnera.