Anon. French, late 15th c., Tr. ed., after Oxford version / Old French Melody

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Noël nouvelet

1 Noël nouvelet, sing we a new Noël;
Thank we now our God, and of His goodness tell;
Sing we Noël to greet the new born King;
Noël nouvelet, a new Noël we sing!
2 Waking from my sleep, a vision came to me;
For before my eyes there stood a flow'ring tree,
Where on a bright red rosebud I did see.
Noël nouvelet, a new Noël sing we!
3 How my heart did glow, with inward joy divine!
For with rays of glory did the rosebud shine,
As when the sun doth blaze on break of day.
This new Noël sing we: Noël nouvelet!
4 Then a tiny bird ceased joyous song to say
Unto certain shepherds: "Haste you now away!
In Bethlehem the newborn Lamb you'll see."
Noël nouvelet, a new Noël sing we!et!
5 Mary and Joseph in Bethl'em they found,
Where the Infant lay, with ox and ass around,
And for a crib, their manger full of hay.
This new Noël sing we: Noël nouvelet!
6 So, upon my bed, I saw these wonders all,
Dreaming of a Child, an Infant Child so small:
Jesus of Naz'reth, called a King to be.
Noël nouvelet, a new Noël sing we!

* Nouvelet (pronounced noo-veh-leh) is an old French word expressing both newness and news. Noël nouvelet then literally means a 'new newsy Christmas song'. We have not attempted to translate it. This carol is fittingly done using boy singers for the narrative parts.
TRH #027 P073