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Et dicitur cotidie usque
ad sequens sabbatum inclusive.
This Sequence is said every day until the following Saturday inclusive.
1 Veni Sáncte Spíritus,
Et emítte caélitus
Lúcis túae rádium.
Come, Holy Ghost, send down those beams, / Which sweetly flow in silent streams / From Thy bright throne above.
2 Véni páter páuperum,
Véni dátor múnerum,
Véni lúmen córdium.
O, come, Thou Father of the poor, / O, come, Thou source of all our store, / Come fill our hearts with love.
3 Consolátor óptime,
Dúlcis hóspes ánimae,
Dúlce refrigérium.
O Thou of comforters the best, / O Thou the soul's delightful guest, / The pilgrim's sweet relief.
4 In labóre réquies,
In aéstu tempéries,
In flétu solátium.
Rest art Thou in our toil, most sweet / Refreshment in the noonday heat, / And solace in our grief.
5 O lux beatíssima,
Réple córdis íntima
Tuórum fidélium.
O blessed Light of Life Thou art, / Fill with Thy Light the inmost hearts / Of those that hope in Thee.
6 Sine túo númine,
Nihil est in hómine,
Nihil est innóxium.
Without Thy Godhead nothing can / Have any price or worth in man, / Nothing can harmless be.
7 Láva quod est sórdidum,
Ríga quod est áridum,
Sána quod est sáucium.
Lord, wash our sinful stains away, / Water from heaven our barren clay, / Our wounds and bruises heal.
8 Flécte quod est rígidum,
Fóve quod est frígidum,
Rége quod est dévium.
To Thy sweet yoke our stiff necks bow, / Warm with Thy love our hearts of snow, / Our wandering feet recall.
9 Da túis fidélibus,
In te confidéntibus,
Sácrum septenárium.
Grant to Thy faithful, dearest Lord, / Whose only hope is in Thy Word, / Thy sevenfold gift of grace.
10 Da virtútis méritum,
Da salútis éxitum,
Da perénne gáudium.
Grant us in life Thy grace, that we / In peace may die and ever be / In joy before Thy face.
* Amen.
* Sabbato Quatuor Temporum Pentecostes,
in Missa longiore in fine Sequentiae non dicitur:

Until Friday incl.:


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