--St. Gregory the Great, d.604 / Mode II chant--

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English (different tune): O KIND CREATOR

Liber Usualis P.539

1 Audi, benígne Cónditor,
Nóstras préces cum flétibus,
In hoc sácro jejúnio
Fúsas quadragenário.
Thou loving Maker of mankind, / Before Thy throne we pray and weep! / Oh, strengthen us with grace divine / Duly this sacred Lent to keep.
2 Scrutátor álme córdium,
Infírma tu scis vírium:
Ad te revérsis éxhibe
Remissiónis grátiam.
Searcher of hearts! Thou dost our ills / Discern, and all our weakness know; / Again to Thee with tears we turn, / Again to us mercy show.
3 Multum quidem peccávimus,
Sed párce confiténtibus:
Ad nóminis láudem túi,
Cónfer medélam lánguidis.
Much have we sinned; but we confess / Our guilt, and all our faults deplore: / Oh, for the praise of Thy great name / Our fainting souls to health restore!
4 Concéde nóstrum cónteri
Córpus per abstinéntiam,
Cúlpæ ut relínquant pábulum
Jejúna córda críminum.
And grant us, while by fasts we strive / This mortal body to control, / To fast from all the food of sin, / And so to purify the soul.
5 Praésta beáta Trínitas,
Concéde símplex Unitas:
Ut fructuósa sint túis
Jejuniórum múnera.
Hear us, O Trinity thrice blest! / Sole Unity! to Thee we cry: / Vouchsafe us from these fasts below / To reap immortal fruit on high.
* Amen. Amen.