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 Onyeomastone   Ghana  Mail
 Thu Oct 13 23:13 2005
Am looking for a nice hynm for my friend Dr Nwaguy Maga he lives at Ogbe Oye.

 Jayson M. Leones   Manila, Philippines
 Thu Oct 13 21:32 2005
Mabuhay! wow, excellent website! a best quality of Roman Catholic Traditional Hymns and still preserved up to the present. How I wish they put more traditional hymns so that we could feel the solemnity of a purely genuine Gregorian Chants.

God Bless!

 Valentinos Mavrohanna   Cyprus  Mail
 Wed Oct 12 23:01 2005
Dear Friends,
I am a Catholic-Maronite from Cyprus.I have visit today this EXCELLENT WEBSITE!!!CONGRATULATIONS

 Padre Helcimar Sardinha   Brasil  Mail
 Tue Oct 11 08:04 2005
Gostei muitsimo do site, atporque aqui no Brasil hcarcia deste tipo de servi.No entanto, gostaria de ouvir n apenas a melodia mas tamb as vozes,jque canto gregoriano por escutar, n por partituras.Obrigado

 Htor   Spain  Mail
 Fri Oct 7 18:38 2005
La pagina es de muy buena calidad, os felicito. Me gustar saber si pueden enviarme por e-mail la partitura gregoriana del Ece quam bonum. Desde ya muchas gracias.

 Theresa Ventura   U.S.A.  Mail
 Fri Oct 7 05:41 2005
Excellent, for those of us who have just recently joined the choir - Latin Tridentine Mass. Thank You.

 Eze Owerri   USA  Mail
 Tue Oct 4 03:22 2005
A very nice site keep it up

  Thomas J. Serafin     Mail
 Sat Oct 1 15:28 2005
Can I use the music in a DVD I am making of a relic veneration?

 Michelle   Tanzania  Mail
 Fri Sep 30 17:40 2005
very beautiful. Cant put in words....

 Thomas Murphy   Ireland  Mail
 Wed Sep 28 04:02 2005
I'm a longstanding fan of this excellent website.Could I encourage everyone interested in the Traditional Latin Liturgy to write to their Bishop about it (again) and to:

Sua SantitBenedetto XVI
Palazzo Apostolico,
00120 Cittdel Vaticano,

e-mail: benedictxvi@vatican.va

and to:

Dar, Cardinal Castrill Hoyos,
President, Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei,
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11,
00120 Cittdel Vaticano,

God bless!

 Sister Irene   Republic of Ireland
 Mon Sep 26 10:04 2005
What a great blessing to find this website! Thank you for this gift. I was looking for the Antiphons of Our Lady to use for the Little Office, but I'm nevertheless delighted to have found so many traditional hymns and the proper of the Mass.
Deo Gratias et Mariae!
Sister Irene

 + Marcus   United Kingdom
 Sun Sep 25 22:14 2005
I really enjoided visiting your web site. Certainly It will be on my favourite list. May blessing of Almighty God be upon all those who are involved in this magnificent work. May Our Mother of Perpetual Succour protect all of you.
"She died as She lived, certain of eternal glory" St Alphonsus.
Deo Gratias et Mariae!

 Ferdinand   Manila,Philippines  Mail
 Sun Sep 25 02:21 2005
Galing! in Filipino it means excellent.
I like that gregorian chant very much
I rarely hear this in the modern mass
by the way Im in my twenties and tired of many
unkind and restless music that sorrounds me.
Keep up the good work.

 Olivia Donaldson   
 Sat Sep 17 10:54 2005
Thank you so much for all of these lovely hymns. As a Roman Catholic I love and appreciate each and every one!

 Kathryn Calamita   USA
 Fri Sep 16 06:48 2005
Thank you for these beautiful hymns. I have been missing them for ages!

 Rudy Ulloa, Jr.   USA
 Thu Sep 15 11:04 2005
One of my biggest passions is Gregorian Chant. Before I owned the Liber Usualis, I often viewed your website for the images to the hymns, which displayed the square musical notations common to Gregorian Chants. Your site is still helpful because when I need to have a copy of the hymn, I can save the image, decrease the size, then print it out for my personal use. Often, I used the midi's to help me learn the chant in comparison to its "sheet music". Thank you very much for having such a nice compilation of these hymns on one site. The best on the Internet!!

 Cyril   Malaysia
 Wed Sep 14 00:32 2005
Is it possible to have all the hymns found in the Traditional Roman Hymnal published by SSPX District of Canada? Your site has been of tremendous help in improving our chapel's singing. Keep up the good work!

 kevin crotzer   usa  Mail
 Wed Sep 14 00:21 2005
i have enjoyed the great selectioon of traditional hymes on your sight. thank you very much! god bless

 Laurie J. Lusignan     Mail
 Thu Sep 1 04:07:56 2005
Thank you for your site.Listening to some of the hymns in French brought back many childhood memories.As a French-Canadian I went to a French parochial school for elementary school.I enjoyed finding your web site.
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