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 Nicholas   Australia
 Sun Jun 11 23:15 2006
This page is a very helpful resource for my choir - many thanks.

 Mats   Argentina  Mail
 Sun Jun 11 07:20 2006
It's a very excellent page.
I love latin language and gregoriant chant and i found this page... It's very well.



 Mr. R. Bay   USA  Mail
 Sat Jun 10 00:11 2006
Great collection of old hymns.

 Khaled   USA  Mail
 Wed Jun 7 06:03 2006
Great site! please keep it up.

Laus Tibi, Christe!

 George   USA  Mail
 Tue Jun 6 15:01 2006
Holy Cow! This is a gold mine! Thank you SO much!!

I'm in the Gregorian Chant Schola at my FSSP parish. We share (rent) the building with a Novus Ordo Parish that has a long history in the neighborhood. Our Latin Mass history goes back much farther, however. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I plan on using some of these to help the Schola broaden their repertoire and help the Parish sing with us.

God Bless you!

 Nathan Archer   Finland
 Sun Jun 4 03:55 2006
Thank you so much for producing this site and keeping it available. Absolutely terrific gift and resource! This has offered me the opportunity to deepen my faith through these magnificent melodies and chants and to stop complaining about the current state of some, not all, music in normal parish life.

 Tue May 30 11:03 2006
How beautiful. I'm now 60, brought up strict/devout catholic. Stopped going to Mass in 70's couldn't come to terms with the changes. This site alllowed me to wander back in time, very spritual. Oh how I wish I could find my religon as was pre 60/70

 Ben Tavel   USA
 Thu May 25 12:53 2006
Great site - wow! Amazing what you have collected! Thank you very much!

 Carl Birger   Sweden  Mail
 Sun May 14 20:38 2006
What a Blessed site.Thank for the lovely collection of hymns.Indeed needed.

 George M kordiak   USA  Mail
 Thu May 11 11:10 2006
Thank You for the beautiful music

 Michael Patrick   USA
 Sat Apr 29 20:53 2006
Two beautiful hymns that I could not find were "St. Patrick's Breastplate" and "Oh, Mary we crown Thee with Flowers today"( I think that's the title).Anyone looking for a great CD of hymns should consider Faith of our Fathers. It is a 2 cd collection recorded in Dublin a few years ago. It features Frank Patterson and Regina Nathan plus many others. It has made the hours of driving in my car pass quickly by.

 Michael Patrick   USA
 Sat Apr 29 20:44 2006
What a Blessed site. Being able to hear again the beautiful Catholic hymns is a blessing. How sad it is that we have to endure the tripe being presented durin the Mass today.

 leticia    usa
 Thu Apr 27 20:15 2006
My daughter was confirmed yesterday, and I was depressed by the music (Catholic lite) used at the Mass, so I searched the web for "Veni Creator Spiritus" which I first heard in the Bronx at the perpetual vows celebration of the Sisters of Life.What a balm it was to my spirit! I will use the music as a tutorial aid for my family, working our way through the hymns as part of our homeschooling. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource to preserve traditional Catholic music.

 Elvira Valdes   USA  Mail
 Wed Apr 26 01:27 2006
I would like to see the hymn of MEMENTO RERUM CONDITOR which is a hymn that appears several times in the little office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

 sr. maoro an   From koria  Mail
 Mon Apr 17 00:49 2006

Thank you
Very nice page and interesting.
I love music very much and your page is
making great use to me. God bless your good work.
I like especially gregorian chant .
Thanks so much!

2006. 4. 16

In Christ .
sr. Maoro

From koria

 Kovs Megyesi Bint   Hungary( Magyar Ktsas)  Mail
 Sun Apr 16 18:28 2006
This is very good i luve America, thence USA is very christian and very good.

 Rafael   Philippines
 Wed Apr 12 19:06 2006

 Warren E. Estraro   Philippines
 Wed Apr 12 15:17 2006
it's a great and wonderful web. it's a big help too. thanks.

 Judith Dobbins   England (Evesham)Worcestershire  Mail
 Sun Apr 9 03:44 2006
What a great site have played the old catholic hymns which I think always will stick in my mind as I was borne a catholic but have not been to church since my Father died in 1986 but will go back again. Went not long ago to a memorial mass for a friend of mine which was very nice. Thank you.

 Thomas Murphy   Ireland  Mail
 Sat Apr 8 22:00 2006
May I post an invitation to all your visitors again? Could I encourage everyone interested in the Traditional Latin Liturgy to write to their Bishop about it (again) and to:

Sua SantitBenedetto XVI
Palazzo Apostolico,
00120 Cittdel Vaticano,

e-mail: benedictxvi@vatican.va

and to:

Dar, Cardinal Castrill Hoyos,
President, Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei,
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11,
00120 Cittdel Vaticano,

God bless!

 Thomas Murphy   Ireland  Mail
 Sat Apr 8 22:00 2006
May I repeat a message I posted ages ago? Could I encourage everyone interested in the Traditional Latin Liturgy to write to their Bishop about it (again) and to:

Sua SantitBenedetto XVI
Palazzo Apostolico,
00120 Cittdel Vaticano,

e-mail: benedictxvi@vatican.va

and to:

Dar, Cardinal Castrill Hoyos,
President, Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei,
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11,
00120 Cittdel Vaticano,

God bless!

 Jessie   USA  Mail
 Sat Apr 8 07:48 2006
Thank you for providing us with these resources, first of all. It must take an awful lot of work!
I would like to request that you put the melody for the litany of the saints up. I've spent hours searching myself, and have'nt been able to find it elsewhere. Could you help?
Thanks so much, and God bless!

 Sat Apr 8 03:02 2006

 Jack Ho   Australia  Mail
 Mon Apr 3 13:10 2006
Dear friends,
I conduct a Gregorian Chant Choir in Brisbane of Australia. I have recently returned from studying liturgical music in Rome and also Solesmes Abbey in France. This site indeed help me bring back memories!!!

As a relatively young person in the area of Gregorian Chant (early 20s), it is so wonderful to see these sites here to help other young people who never knew the chant and presume that it's plain boring - certainly not the case!

I welcome you all to visit our website as well and give us support by prayer and thoughts-> http://www.scholacantorumbrisbane.com

Peace in Christ,

 Rachel Anne   Singapore  Mail
 Sun Apr 2 16:34 2006
I stumbled upon this site one day, many days ago, and has since been using it. =) It has been of great help, enabling me and I'm sure a good deal many, to download MIDI files to bring the words in the hymnal to music, amazing how technology can help in endearing many to the faith.
In +J.M.J.A.,Thank You!

 Sr. Mary Carmel Smith   USA  Mail
 Sat Apr 1 02:14 2006
Can you help me to download the Ave Maria from your site to use on a Catholic website as background music
Thank you,
Sr. Mary Carmel

 Sr. Mary Carmel Smith   USA  Mail
 Sat Apr 1 02:10 2006
Dear Friends, what a lovely colllection of hymns.
Is there any way that I could download the Ave Maria (last one listed in the listing) for use as background music on my catholic non profit website.
Many thanks,
Sr. Mary Carmel Smith, CCVI

 Brandon   USA  Mail
 Fri Mar 31 20:58 2006
I'm so glad I found this site. It is wonderful! I am sure that I will be using it all the time.

 Maria Oitamong   Uganda  Mail
 Tue Mar 28 17:15 2006
Thank you for such a wonderful website. This brings me closer to God than I could ever have imagined. I was looking for the lyrics and music of the St. Francis of Assissi prayer, "Make me a Channel of your peace", can you direct me where to find it? Also in my childhood days back in rurual Soroti, Eastern Uganda, we had a hymn, I think it was a magnificat because of the words (now that I look back and think). The words were somgthing like "Oh praise my soul the Lord, Oh glorify His name, in Him my Spirit thrills with joy, my Saviour and my God." That's onlyt he first verse, but it had about 6 or 8 verses. Anyone heard of it? Please let's share it.

May continue to bless you and your wonderful glorious work!


 Paul Rooke   England  Mail
 Mon Mar 27 19:45 2006
I should be most grateful if you could tell me where I might find on the internet a copy of the plainsong music for "O Sacrum Convivium". I have looked on your site and cannot see it.
Best wishes.

 Marie-Claude   France  Mail
 Fri Mar 24 00:13 2006
I am searching Magnificat in latin. Thank you.

 Agnes Kavesa   Kenya  Mail
 Wed Mar 22 18:08 2006
Very nice page and interesting. I love music very much and your page is making great use to me. God bless your good work.

 Marie    Canada  Mail
 Tue Mar 21 10:43 2006
I would like to find the words of an old hymn that was often sung at first communion. It's called Gaurdian Angel(from heaven above). Thanks Marie

 Kate MacEachen   Scotland
 Mon Mar 20 01:10 2006

Thank you for helping me relive some of the hymns and tunes of my childhood.

 Eduardo Lim   Mico  Mail
 Sat Mar 18 15:05 2006
Me parece excelente esta puina, particpo en un Coro en una Capilla de la Fraternidad Sacerdotal San P X y nos ha sido de mucha utilidad, ojala podamos continuar disfrutando por mucho tiempo de este material. Dios y la Virgan Santima los bendigan.

 Juan Cascos   Mida (Spain)  Mail
 Sat Mar 18 08:03 2006
Nos hemos encontrado con esta pagina y nos ha sido muy grato.Gracias por el bien que estan haciendo. Que Dios les bendiga

 Parroquia    Zalamea de la Serena. Espa  Mail
 Sat Mar 18 08:03 2006
Pina fenomenal. Gracias por tanto mayerial que ya no se encuentra por ningun lado. Animo y adelante

 Bill Deegan   USA  Mail
 Thu Mar 16 06:00 2006
Thanks for the words to "Great and Glorious St. Patrick".
I've been searching for them for years!

 Vern Neufeld   Canada  Mail
 Wed Mar 15 02:13 2006
It is great to have sites like this to help Gods people to Worship. The tradition that I grew up in shares hymns from the catholic traditon. We have recorded some (none that are part of the mass though), such as "Holy, Holy", "fairest Lord Jesus" and others. Feel free to listen to exerpts at our website www.vernneufeld.com

 Joseph Scoville   USA  Mail
 Tue Mar 14 23:54 2006
God bless you for your excellent work. Because my sight-reading skills are not too good, I formerly spent hours at the piano, laboriously plunking out the notes. You have allowed me to learn the chants much more quickly and accurately. As Salieri said, "We mediocrities salute you!"

 Araceli C. Molina   Philippines
 Fri Mar 10 14:30 2006
More power to your website. Good to have you around!

 Anthony Robbie   Australia  Mail
 Tue Mar 7 13:35 2006
If it wasn't for Plainsong Chant, I would never have come back to the Church. I am a regular visitor to your site.

Thank you
Pax tecum

 H M Donahue Graci   USA
 Tue Mar 7 02:50 2006
Great and Glorious St. Patrick (Hymn sung on St. Patrick's Day or the closest Sunday to it at St. Charles Borremeo Church in Kellyville (Drexel Hill) Pennsylvania every March.

Hibernia's champion saint all hail, with endless glory crowned. The offspring of your ardent zeal, this day your praise shall sound. This day your praise shall sound. (chorus)

Chorus: Great and glorious St. Patrick, Pray for that dear country, the land of our fathers.
Great and glorious St. Patrick, harken to the prayers of thy children.

Born on the wings of charity, to Erin's coast you flew. Bade Satan from her valley flee and his dark shrine o'er threw, and his dark shrine o'er threw. (chorus)

 H M Donahue Graci   USA
 Tue Mar 7 02:43 2006
Born on the wings of charity, to Erin's coast you flew. Bade Satan from her valley flee and his dark shrine o'er threw, and his dark shrine o'er threw.
Chorus: Great and glorious St. Patrick, Prayer for that dear country, the land of our fathers.
Great and glorious St. Patrick, harken to the prayers of thy children.
Hibernia's champion saint all hail, with endless glory crowned. The offspring of your ardent zeal, this day your praise shall sound. This day your praise shall sound.

 Marion Tharsis   Malaysia  Mail
 Mon Mar 6 19:02 2006
Keep up the good work!

God Bless you.

 Bertrand   France  Mail
 Fri Mar 3 05:09 2006
Thank's for your songs and for your site, it will train myself to sing better during the holy and traditionnal mass!
In prayer Union. Deo Gratias !!
God bless you.

 Errol McGrath   India
 Wed Mar 1 18:30 2006
Your site is absolutely splendid ! The Latin Hymns seem to have been lost in antiquity in my country. Thanks you for taking me on a trip down memory lane to my altar boy days AND for rekindling the love of Jesus within me. It is difficult to hold back the tears. God bless you.
Errol McGrath.

 Mary Pat Kengmana   New Zealand  Mail
 Wed Mar 1 13:55 2006
I'd like to use your song, "TU ES SACERDOS by Aloys Desmet,
together with your organ music for a webpage our diocese is developing for vocations. How do I get permission for that?

Thank you very much.

 Fr. jim Morgan   USA  Mail
 Tue Feb 28 03:32 2006
Thank you for your wonderful site. All of the wonderful memories of my youth came flooding back and brought tears to my eyes and heart. Thank you again.
Jim servant, friend, brother

 Roland Desormeaux   United States of America  Mail
 Fri Feb 24 04:46 2006
Thank you so much for Je Suis Cretien. I sang it at my first communion in the 40's.

Can not seem to copy the whole text. I get line one of verses 3 and 6 and nothing beyond. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

 Crist Fabre   Brazil  Mail
 Wed Feb 22 03:18 2006
I love this site. It's marvelous. But I would like to have the song's lyrics of the CD: The prayer of the church - produced by David Phillips.
Thank you a lot.
God bless you

 John Dutton   Zebbug, Malta  Mail
 Mon Feb 20 06:18 2006
What a wonderful web site - God Bless You!
It is now a favourite of mine!

 Gloria   USA
 Mon Feb 20 03:48 2006
The is site is wonderful. I plan to use this wonderful music for the Stations of the Cross as we enter the Lenten Season. I was so suprised to find this music, because I can't find it in any of the "modern" hymnals.

 Roberto de la Rosa   Guatemala  Mail
 Thu Feb 16 08:22 2006
Lets write a letter to the Pope to not abandon the Gregorian Chant.
Why they have thrown it away?

It is the basis of western music!

 Roberto de la Rosa   Guatemala  Mail
 Thu Feb 16 08:20 2006
Why the catholic church has thrown away thousands of years of music culture produced by itself when it is known that they have taking advantage of the surrounding cultureto have used.
Why we don write a letter to the Pope?

Is it forbiden to say a mass with prayers and songs in latin.

 Dan Damon   USA
 Tue Feb 7 10:49 2006
How wonderful! I stumbled on this searching for music of Thoms Tallis. I'm sitting here alone in my kitchen singing along these great old favorites.

Though I longed for Vatican II when John XXIII called for it, and followed it thoroughly, the subsequent years seem to have brought some pretty banal stuff to light....

 J. Leung   Canada
 Sun Feb 5 01:37 2006
Thank you for posting chinese traditional catholic hymns on your site. You know, being born after Vat II I don't know any of those hymns as they have changed them to suit the "spirit of Vat II".

Old hymns are way better! They lead you to praise God instead. Deeper meaning then merely "Singing to the Mountains.. etc"

 Fr. Geoffrey G. Attard   Gozo-Malta  Mail
 Sat Feb 4 05:29 2006
This web-site is grand. I like to visit it in the evenings when I have time and hear some beautiful Marian hymns. AD JESUM PER MARIAM! Keep it up!

 Debbie J. Peleo   USA  Mail
 Fri Feb 3 01:14 2006
I would like to know if you have any hymn(s) for Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Thank you!

 Eric Olsen   Philadelphia - United States  Mail
 Mon Jan 30 08:40 2006
Really greate site! Very helpfull!

 Mike Conroy   Scotland  Mail
 Sun Jan 29 02:49 2006
Really excellent

 Mike Conroy   Scotland
 Sun Jan 29 02:48 2006
This is a gem of a site. The range of material is very extensive. A lot of work congratulations. Can these Midi files be downloaded in any way that they can be the put on audio CD

 Tim M   CANADA  Mail
 Sat Jan 28 03:30 2006
Is there any way I can download some of these MIDI's and put them on a CD? I like to take them along with me in the car or @ home during meditation where there is no computer.
Thanks et Dominvs Vobiscvm.

 Tim M   CANADA  Mail
 Sat Jan 28 03:28 2006
Wow. This is the best chant website I've ever visited- well done! It's very helpful and spiritual too. I wish the parishes here in North America did more chant and traditional hymns instead of singing Protestant music. Thanks for keeping the western apostolic culture alive.

 Rich Czyz   USA - Michigan  Mail
 Wed Jan 25 13:08 2006
We have several Nigerian priests serving our diocese and would like to learn some Catholic hymns which are sung in their home country. We'd like to make them feel at home by surprising them with a few songs during the liturgy they preside at.
Thank You and God Bless!

 Margi     Mail
 Wed Jan 25 00:06 2006
Looking for the words for "Hibernia's champion Saint all hail"

 Jeremy de Satge   England  Mail
 Mon Jan 23 21:41 2006
Is it possible to download the MIDI files for Missa Cum Jubilo on to a computer? If not, would you consider emailing these to me?

 Br. Charles TOSF   United States  Mail
 Sun Jan 15 02:39 2006
This site is most helpful for teaching hymns to the choir. A wonderful asset.
Thank you.

 Mon Jan 9 01:55 2006

 Pasquale   Italia  Mail
 Sat Jan 7 23:53 2006
Complimenti per il materiale che diffondete. Vorrei sapere se possibile ancora trovare il LIBER USUALIS? Come potrei fare per acquistarlo?

 Cristhian   Panama
 Tue Jan 3 07:06 2006
Thank's for this site, you keep well our universal tresaure. Keep maiking this beautiful work of conservgate the sacred music

 Bob Dolan   USA  Mail
 Sat Dec 31 10:08 2005
Your site is very wonderful. It appears that our new Holy Father is favorably inclined to retain the treasures of our traditional sacred music and your outreach should be gratefully received by all.

 Grace Leung   Hong Kong  Mail
 Sun Dec 25 09:39 2005
I have just started learning Gregorian chants.This is a great website. It helps me to practise reading the notes and also getting familiar with the melody. continue with the good work. May God bless You all

 Miguel gel Erguera, pc L.C.   Mico  Mail
 Wed Dec 21 10:32 2005
Adveniat Regnum Tuum!

I am a precandidate for the Legion of Christ, I will be a priest, so thank you for the hymns of "Veni Creatore Spiritus" and the "Alma Redemptoris Mater". May The Lord Be with you!

Per Regnum Christi Ad Gloriam Dei!

 Keleabetswe   South Africa
 Tue Dec 20 18:48 2005
I was surfing the net for catholic hymns and i came across this site... it's one of the BEST and most thought out well site before it could be used. When i played the midi, it took me back to the years when i was still young, going to church with my granny and also my school years as i schooled at a catholic scool ( St Mary's ), think of all the old priests and nuns around the school premises... Oh, it feels so GOOD!!! I am GLAD to be a CATHOLIC and PROUD to have been born into a catholic family.

 David Majinge    Tanzania
 Tue Dec 20 01:08 2005
GOd bless you for this Great work.
Thank you so much for all of these lovely hymns.
As a Roman Catholic I love and appreciate each and every work yo are doing to spreed the word of God.
Again GOD bless you

 David Majinge    Tanzania
 Tue Dec 20 01:01 2005
This is admireable work.
A witness of faith.
May God bless everyone spending time to make and sustain this page.
Request: if possible we get also some African especialy East Africa

 Maria     Mail
 Sun Dec 18 05:20 2005

 Mark   USA  Mail
 Sun Dec 18 00:45 2005
What a beautiful, historically rich and well done website.
This site is a treasure trove of melody and history.

In may of 1976 when I was on a european tour after gradauating from college, I once attended a weekday mass in Paris, France at the Notre Dame cathedral. I heard a piece of music there that was so beautiful, it has haunted me all the rest of my life. So much so that I keep searching for it. Does anyone know how I might research the music used at such a mass? Sites like yours give me hope that someday, I might still find it!

 Ivo Grantins   Latvia
 Thu Dec 15 16:43 2005
This is admireable work. A witness of faith. May God bless everyone spending time to make and sustain this page. Omnia ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

 Petrus Ochwal   Polonia
 Mon Dec 12 00:55 2005
Deo gratias per sito vostro!

 Claire Poissant   Quec, Canada  Mail
 Sat Dec 10 04:08 2005
Ma soeur est mourante, et je voulais retrouver les paroles du cantique Je mets ma confiance.
Merci cette prie m'accompagnera dans ces moments difficile

 Philip Ajibogun   Nigeria  Mail
 Fri Dec 9 23:50 2005
Visiting your site first time, and i find it good. God bless you sir.

 Gideon Kakabin   Papua New Guinea  Mail
 Fri Dec 9 18:48 2005
The Hymns are very beautiful. I hope you do not mind
my downloading the christmas songs. May God bless you.

 Lucia Tam   Canada  Mail
 Fri Dec 9 13:36 2005
There are many hymns in the Liturgy of the Hours, but I am not sure where to find the melodies for them. Also, how to chant for the feast days.

Your help is most appreciated.

L. Tam

 Anthony Faria   Canada  Mail
 Thu Dec 8 04:30 2005
I am trying to obtain a very old Catholic hymn that was sung at novenas in Advent.It is called "Benidita Sejaes".
Please respond.
Thank you.

 Palozzi Quintilio   ITALIA  Mail
 Mon Dec 5 17:40 2005
servizio eccellente!

complimenti e grazie!

 Francisco Pereira   Cabo Verde  Mail
 Mon Dec 5 05:07 2005
Gostei bastei.
Foi uma surpresa quando pude ouvir melodias que quando seminarista entoava.

 JosRicardo Chaves   Brasil  Mail
 Mon Dec 5 04:08 2005

Agradeci a Deus por ter encontrado este precioso site. Tive oportunidade de ouvir belsimas e tradicionais micas em gregoriano.
Divulguei o que vi e me encantou, para que outros, apreciadores da mica sacra possam juntar-se a voc e a mim no louvor ao Senhor.

 Yusuke Kato   Japan  Mail
 Sat Dec 3 12:35 2005
Thank you for your wonderful music.
This is one of the greatest site I have ever visited.
Please keep up with your splendid work.
Thank you.

 Edward Vaughan   South Africa  Mail
 Thu Dec 1 21:40 2005

I came across this wonderful site when I was looking for
Catholic Hymn cords for the organ.

 Wiktoria   Australia
 Mon Nov 28 17:36 2005
Great job. God bless you!

 Carmela   Canada  Mail
 Sun Nov 27 14:38 2005
Thank you for putting the music for Pitie, mon Dieu on the web. I was looking for it because St. Therese of Lisieux wrote one of her poems to fit the melody (a poem about Joan of Arc). Imagine, St. Therese might once have sung this hymn.

 Enilson Pereira Pontes   Brasil  Mail
 Fri Nov 25 07:49 2005




 Dominic   India
 Wed Nov 23 17:23 2005
Its a lovely sight,it is very helpfull as it reflects the rich traditions of our catholic faith thru its music.
all the very best ,keep up the good work

 Jan van den Belt   The Netherlands  Mail
 Mon Nov 21 00:08 2005
I am very happy to have found this website. Since our choir master fell ill, i have been asked to direct the church choir. But being just a singer, I am not always certain what is exactly the right tune. Thanks to your site next Advent we will be able to sing Rorate caeli impeccable. And many other hymns.

 Joachim Selle   Deutschland  Mail
 Sun Nov 20 05:14 2005
eine wunderbare Neumenlekte

 Henry Chatioseh Kweku   Ghana  Mail
 Wed Nov 16 20:19 2005
Very nostalgic. Reminds me of my youth and my association with the Catholic church. Well done.

 Tim Heywood   UK
 Mon Nov 14 18:00 2005
Wow - this is such a wonderful resource. The tranquility of chant is beginning to transform my experience of the liturgy, and I am struggling to learn to read old notation. Your combination of the extensive library and the MIDI files is accelerating my learning. May God bring you the peace you are bringing me!

 Santa Pecoraro   USA
 Sun Nov 13 12:41 2005
Great website! We were looking specifically for the Easter propers in the Liber and found this website after a google search. It's nice that the audio files accompany each proper. Thanks!
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