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 Rosemary   Western Australia  Mail
 Fri Nov 13 11:29 2009
Love this site and have used quite a few of the hymns. Please keep adding to the list.
God bless

 Brenda   USA  Mail
 Wed Nov 11 07:31 2009
I love all these songs on this website! Thank you so much! Could you add "O turn to Jesus, Mother turn" for the poor souls in purgatory and "Exsultet orbis" for the apostles. Thank you!

 keijo   sweden  Mail
 Sun Nov 8 20:53 2009
And I love the holy cross and there from will flows the river of healing and forgiving of sin and love to us with peace and harmony and new power the Lord will give after storm and troubles in this the world,thanks and bless and pray for me and my wife for gospel,keijo sweden

 Julie Anderson   United States of America  Mail
 Tue Nov 3 07:58 2009
Thank you for this web site. I am looking for a download of a midi file for Tantum Ergo (ref. SB 113 Latin

 Dominic Cardoz   India  Mail
 Mon Nov 2 19:26 2009
Please could I get 'The Memorare' and "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell and lead all souls to Heaven especially those who need Thy help and mercy" prayers in Latin.

Thanks with Jesus, Mary & Joseph and the LORD ALMIGHTY!

 Deacon Kinalia D'souza   India  Mail
 Wed Oct 28 02:04 2009
Do you have the music or Notations for the Melchizedek Latin hymn that is sung for an Ordination Mass. In fact there are more than two Latin Hymns that refer to Melchizedek that are usually sung during the Ordination Mass.

 Marlon   USA
 Sat Oct 24 01:53 2009
Thanks for this wonderful website. I was looking for latin songs for Advent Season and i found two music pieces here. I hope you add more latin music used in Liturgy of the Hours and Mass.

Thanks a lot and God bless.

 Linda   USA
 Mon Oct 19 04:05 2009
Thanks so much for this wonderful website!! I direct a Latin Choir for our traditonal Mass and I'm going to direct my singers here. Many of these hymns are in our St. Basil Hymnal! Is there anyway to download them?

Thanks again and May God Abundantly Bless you!

 Robby   United States of America
 Fri Oct 16 19:40 2009
Thank you for such a blessed website as this! Might you add a couple of my favorite hymns with only organ in the MIDI format: "O Sacrament Most Holy," "What Thou Gavest For Our Taking," and "God's Holy Mountain We Ascend." If ANYONE knows where other similar Sacred Hymns can be found with only Organ and Choir singing the traditional Catholic Hymns such as the ones above, please post. God Bless you one and all, and thank you so much for this wonderful blessing of Sacred Music on this website.

 Anthony Bescher   U.S.A.  Mail
 Sat Oct 10 07:10 2009
If Mr Ratzinger prays with Moslems and Jews, he is in violation of the Council of Trent and the 1916 Code of Cannon Law. How can someone who is anathamatized by a true Council of the Church, be a Catholic?

 joe loughery   Mexico  Mail
 Tue Sep 29 23:34 2009
I couldnツエt believe it when I began a search of the old hymns and there they were. I thought they had been lost forever and that the Church no longer condoned them. I, too, felt a surge of emotion for the wonderful memories of youth singing these songs. Thank you so much!

 carol Greaney   
 Tue Sep 29 06:07 2009
words to the hymn Great & Glorious St. Patrick.

 anna   usa  Mail
 Fri Sep 18 03:30 2009
Your websie is awsome! I was looking for some Korean hymns for our wedding and we found some! God bless you!!!

 Anne   Ontario, Canada
 Sun Sep 13 06:19 2009
Thank you very much for providing this excellent music for one like me to sing along. This is a great educational need. May you be blessed with continuing graces.

 Mary   USA
 Sun Sep 13 00:51 2009
Thank you so much for this website! Our church is starting a choir, and I needed a way to practice the hymns at home without having to use a book that I don't have. The songs and music are gorgeous. May God bless you for your work! Deo Gratias!

 Kathi   USA
 Thu Aug 27 05:45 2009
Thank you so much for this. I was having such a difficult day and by the Grace of God, I stumbled across this site. I sat here and let the music flood through me, and God blessed me with sweet memories of the latin mass of my youth. Praise God for leading me here.

 Catherine   USA
 Tue Aug 18 01:52 2009
Thank you for this web site. It is a fine find and great site to behold

 Jakob Putz   Austria
 Tue Aug 11 17:25 2009
Deo Gratias !!!

 Thu Jul 30 19:12 2009
a beautiful collection of eternal hymns.
thanks and blessings

p safera

 Vivian   NY USA
 Wed Jul 22 10:04 2009
excellent source to easily learn the full list of the beautiful traditional hymns in the Roman Catholic Church.
Thank you!

 Pat McLane   USA
 Wed Jul 15 01:32 2009
How can I get all of the words to the hymn to St. Patrick which begins Hibernia's champion saint all hail?

 Sat Jun 27 22:16 2009

 Emily Vela G.   Edo. de Mテゥxico  Mail
 Fri Jun 19 11:47 2009
I need so much the score Johan Baptist Hymn, or some beautifull song from him, because we're going to sing in The Mass the next jun. 24 (my daughter, my husband and I will sing on the church), and we need the score for playing with keyboard and violin...please help us! I will thank all of you and God blessed you!.....

 Thu Jun 18 10:02 2009

 Father Neivandt   Australia  Mail
 Mon Jun 15 20:53 2009
I am a Catholic priest in exile within the New Order. I had almost given up hope. Such wonderful hymns and chants that I remember in my seminary days in Wagga Wagga Seminary.

 Clarence ndunguru   Tanzania  Mail
 Sat Jun 6 18:07 2009
I would like to hear the vocals of the hyms. Do you have a database of that?

In Christ


 Miss Philomena Carolan   England  Mail
 Thu Jun 4 05:32 2009
I think the list of hymns for whatever the occassion are very well presented.

Thank you

 g eron andy   indonesia  Mail
 Wed May 27 18:13 2009
thank you, i'm glad to see this web, we need this .. . . even i can't sing, but i'll give it to my friends. they must look. GBU all.

 Frater Benedictus Laetitiarum Mariae, PF   Brasil  Mail
 Sat May 23 22:18 2009
I love so much the website, but I think that the melodies is so fast.. almost impossible for to chant together...

 Johannes Yuan   VR. China  Mail
 Fri May 15 21:12 2009
Das ist eine super Webseite! Vielen vielen Dank!

 Bernadette Shonka   USA  Mail
 Thu May 14 12:46 2009
Very nice web site. Thank you for the work you have put into this.

God bless you.
Bernadette Shonka

 Vive Tu Fe   USA  Mail
 Wed May 6 11:40 2009
Gracias a Dios que estan unidos en el amor de Cristo, uniテウn que deleita al Padre y
nos dibuja un camino directo a su precencia. Es por eso que hemos decidido con el
permiso directo de Cristo, esta pテ。gina que estamos seguros que llenara de bendiciテウn
tu vida y tu experiencia cuando usas el Internet.

Es por eso que voy a hacer una lista con detalles y pasos de todo lo que puedes
hacer en VIVETUFE.net y como lo puedes implementar para cualquies actividad,projecto
o simplemente si quieres hacer comunion con todos los que siguen a Cristo.


Vivetufe.net es un portal que tienen como objetivo unir comunidades y creyentes
por todo el mundo. Dejar que cada uno exprese su vivencia Cristiana y compartirlas
con personas con la misma pasiテウn y inquietud. Queremos motivar a personas
que vivan su fe, compartiendo con todos y cada uno de los hermanos en Cristo.

 Joni Lane   USA  Mail
 Fri May 1 04:12 2009
Thank you for this convenient and well-organized website. As a Catholic school music teacher, it has proven quite helpful in finding more traditional hymns to teach the children.

 Sun Apr 26 08:09 2009
great site brought back loads of memories

 Mary Onyango (Mrs)   Nairobi Kenya
 Fri Apr 24 05:58 2009
Praised be Jesus Mary and Joseph! Please give more songs like:DIES IRAE,dies
illa, Ave Plena Gratia, Maria Mater Gratiae, Rorate Coeli, Adeste Fideles and many more (of 1956 to----60s. Thank you very much and God bless you.

 Patricia Redshaw   England  Mail
 Fri Apr 24 03:59 2009
Thanks for a great site. I did not seem to be able to find the hymn for Saint George, and on his feast day too, 23rd April.
Enjoy looking at all the old hymns and some new ones.

 Cesarita B. Tiempo   Philippines
 Mon Apr 20 10:58 2009
I really like the music. Thank you for creating this website. I have learned more Catholic traditional music and I am able to play in the organ. Thank you so much and more power.

 Brenda   United States of America  Mail
 Mon Apr 20 08:44 2009
Could you add a song for the poor souls in purgatory? It's called "O turn to Jesus, Mother, turn." Thanks!!

 Mon Apr 13 07:10 2009
We would like to find the title words and music of a hymn the first 3 lines are; Say o Say my people
Why thus ungrateful prove
Why repay with coldness the ardour
of my love.
This may be the translation of a Latin Hymn

 GL   US (Ky)
 Sat Apr 11 14:57 2009
I am Catholic from birth, but only recently taken a more active interest in mass. I decided to learn the principal prayers in Latin, as the extraordinary of the Mass is my favorite service. Thank you for making these available.

 Sat Apr 11 00:53 2009
Wonderful site. I found this web site while searching the web for the Hym " God of Mercy and Compassion ..." I spent a long time just searching for and singing those beautiful Hyms some of which I had forgotten

Great Job

 Yasath Lalinda Perera   Sri Lanka  Mail
 Wed Apr 8 04:36 2009
Thank you1............

 Aliza Racelis   Philippines  Mail
 Fri Apr 3 15:17 2009
Great site! Thanks a lot! Was looking for music sheet of Attende Domine... and found it here...along with midi file! Shared this link with my brother who plays many Masses every Sunday (& practices the choir) at his Parish Church: he has found a great treasure & archive in this site. Thanks!

 guitarist   usa  Mail
 Fri Apr 3 14:47 2009
I should mention that this site was "instrumental" in my return to Catholicism. During a heartfelt search for deep, serious music to use in an Anglican outreach I was running, I came across this site. The melodies struck me in a way no other music has. The music simply bore witness in spirit that everything outside the RCC was simply that...outside, and very downstream. I decided, after 20 years of Protestant ministry, where home was. It was right where I had left it. The inner quality of these melodies - their sincerity, purity, and power - can only be products of sincerity, purity, and power at their core.

 stephen abraham   srilanka  Mail
 Thu Apr 2 12:55 2009
Your website is excellent. we tried to access this programme but found it difficult to tune in to the music. we would like very much to have instruction from you how we could avail ourselves of this useful and excellent programme. is ther any particular player we to havw access to.thank you

 noeline long   ireland
 Mon Mar 30 05:52 2009
would like to look up some hymns

 Remigius Indro Saptoko   Indonesia  Mail
 Sat Mar 28 23:17 2009
Your website is EXCELLENT

 guitarist   usa  Mail
 Thu Mar 26 14:11 2009
Are these midi files open source? Can they be saved and used on another site? I can't find any other contact information...

 Akema James   Nigeria  Mail
 Tue Mar 24 00:33 2009
As a catholic major Seminarian, I have come to find your site as an educative one that will be of help to me and every seriuos minded person with a sense of Litrgy

 Marie Conte   U.S.A.
 Fri Mar 20 21:03 2009
Would like the lyrics to Heart of Jesus Hear - the nuns taught this to us in choir when we were very young.

 Schola guy   USA  Mail
 Mon Mar 16 05:40 2009
Your website is excellent--a tremendous help in learning the Gregorian Propers for Holy Mass. Any chance that you will be adding the Propers for more Sundays in the future?

God bless you and your work.

 Johanne Mainville Loken   Canada  Mail
 Sat Mar 14 09:41 2009
Chez nous soyez reine! C'est un cantique que je n'ai pas entendu depuis trop longtemps. Je suis trティs テゥmue de cette dテゥcouverte. Je l'ai appris des religieuses du Trティs Saint Nom de Jテゥsus et de Marie, j'テゥtais enfant. Je suis coin闃稿 dans un coin du pays ou personne ne le connait. Merci beaucoup pour avoir partagテゥ avec moi ce trテゥsor et son historique.
Johanne Mainville

 Sr. Rosalie Dickson   USA
 Mon Mar 9 00:48 2009
I have enjoyed listening to Great Saint Joseph, Son of David and DominicOur lady's Champion. They are beautiful as are the other hymns I'm sure. I would like to purchase a copy of the above 2 hymns. Maybe you can tell me how to obtain a copy of them. I have added your site to my favorites so I can listen to the music. However, i want a copy of the above two for all the sisters to sing in Chapel since we are Dominicans.

 jaffing   Philippines
 Sun Mar 8 21:43 2009
I find this site very helpful. It calms my soul. It enlightens my life and elevates me inner being.

 F Romeo Sociu   ROMANIA  Mail
 Wed Mar 4 02:23 2009
This is a very good site. I will recommend it to all my preiests friends. Thanks for your work!

 Henrique Klein   Brazil  Mail
 Mon Mar 2 22:36 2009
Excellent material. Godツエs blessedツエs!

 Jason   Singapore  Mail
 Sun Mar 1 20:55 2009
hey. this website is great. i'm thankful that theres such a website around. i'll spread the word to people around me! thanks so much.

 barbara Thompson   USA
 Wed Feb 25 12:32 2009
I, too am looking for the song, Great and Gorious St Patrick

 noel jones   USA  Mail
 Sat Feb 21 03:31 2009
Thanks for spreading the word about Traditional Catholic Hymns! I found some new old ones I have not heard before.

noel jones

 Juhnar Esmeralda   Philippines
 Wed Feb 18 11:53 2009
Nice site! I love listening to Gregorian chants. It unleashes the holy terror within.

 MaryAnn Hensley   USA  Mail
 Tue Feb 17 09:26 2009
Heart of Jesus, Hear

 Mr T E Doyle   England  Mail
 Tue Feb 17 01:05 2009
An unusual site - en unexpected find whilst I was browsing.

 Barbara Stitt   England
 Mon Feb 16 01:45 2009
A great help in finding hymns to Our Lady for a "Sing a Hymn to Mary" event in May. Some I had never heard and the added help of the MIDI downloads was fantastic.

 Cole   United States
 Sat Feb 14 13:48 2009
Awesome! Wonderful resource so that everyone can have access to the core traditional hymns and chants of the church!

 Harold Mallia Zarb   Malta  Mail
 Sun Feb 8 03:40 2009
Simply wonderful! And, also very useful! A big thank you!
Besides helping me in brushing up my Gregorian Chant, it contains a lot of useful hymns for all the different stages of the liturgical year. It is indeed a great help.
Well done, and please keep adding other hymns, if possible even Holy Mass.

 Cyril Offiong   Nigeria  Mail
 Thu Feb 5 01:02 2009
Whoever came up with this idea is a blessed person. I thank God for such a wonderful work. It is a very beautiful resource for Parish music and also for those who want to learn the Church's Sacred Music.
Can you please help me with the Common of the Mass that was used at the Funeral Mass of our Beloved Pope John Paul II, especially the Kyrie.
Thank you for this good work. May God bles you all.

 Rudy Martin   Kolkata, INDIA  Mail
 Sat Jan 24 17:49 2009
I am insearch of music midi or notation of the following hymns to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. "HEART OF JESUS,SACRED HEART" "SWEET HEART OF JESUS" & "O TAKE ME TO THY SACRED HEART". Please help.

 Tue Jan 20 05:23 2009
I am looking for guitar chords for Sweet Sacrament divine and other sacred music

 marc   philipines  Mail
 Sat Jan 17 20:08 2009
I find this site very interesting and helpful. I'm very greatful you thought of this. can you help me find the lyrics and chords "O sacred heart O heart divine..." song for the first friday mass?
Thanks. God bless you.

 Michael Robertson   England  Mail
 Sun Jan 11 05:40 2009
I am looking for a hylmn:P As i kneel before you! can you help me thankyou!! also, walk in the light

 moises   portugal  Mail
 Fri Jan 9 06:37 2009

God bless you !
Wonderful site !!!

 Mavis Hucker   U.S.A.  Mail
 Tue Dec 16 14:34 2008
Wonderful site ... May God Bless You! I know a priest who will love this when I tell him! I sang half the night. What a wonderful way to become familiar with the old songs.

Thank You ... Mavis

 Charles Ryder   USA
 Thu Dec 11 12:17 2008
Thank you for your hard work. This is an amazing resource. I was just using it for some help on the propers for next Sunday. Again, wonderful site!

 Cynthia A. Angelini   USA  Mail
 Wed Dec 10 02:40 2008
Thank you for all of your work. I am trying to trace a hymn formerly sung in Carmelite Convents: Heart of Jesus, Meek and Mild. If anyone has heard of this hymn, has the lyrics, melody and maybe the chords, please e-mail me. A friend has been looking for this hymn for years. Thank you, Cynthia

 Susanna Chang   Malaysia
 Sun Dec 7 01:05 2008
Thanks - Midi of hymns are very useful esp when we are not familiar with a hymn that has been decided for a particular Sunday... like On Jordan's Bank (for today)

 Robert McMahon   United States  Mail
 Sat Dec 6 13:52 2008
Thank you so much for this resource. I am the organist for an assimilated French Catholic Parish in Toledo Ohio that celebrates The Mass as we have always practiced but my French hymns are very limited. This site will help return some of the beautiful tradition to our St. Joseph. It is also nice to have the Ordinary and Propers for quick reference as we are the only place in the diocese to use them.

 Negwako Adam   Tanzania  Mail
 Fri Dec 5 22:24 2008
Thanks for music

 robert e stanfield     Mail
 Thu Dec 4 06:12 2008
can you email me catholic hymns written by Fr. Francis Stanfield other than the " Sweet Sacrament Divine"
Thank you and God Bless
Robert ES

 @PAYRAMALE    England
 Wed Dec 3 13:14 2008
Yes you do... just minimize the screen of the midi player... and scroll up and down the music page

 Leo Lumme   Brunei Darussalam  Mail
 Wed Dec 3 13:06 2008
Great works to preserve the good tradition of catholic church liturgy.


 Tomoo Takai   Japan  Mail
 Mon Nov 10 13:16 2008

Thank you for your effort, a lot of musica sacra.

Sincerely in Christ,

 Balderix   France
 Wed Nov 5 04:13 2008
Muchas gracias por todos estos cantos

 Steve King   USA  Mail
 Tue Nov 4 07:11 2008
Excellent site! Thanks to everyone who put this together! I do have one request, however. Could you put the propers for the Nuptial Mass on the site as well?

 Joseph Spiteri   Maltese/Australian  Mail
 Sat Nov 1 12:35 2008
I thank God and His mother for your web page as a concerned catholic and member in the Legion of Mary I have been searching for these hymns with lyrics to increase the participation of parishioners who no longer remember the Latin hymns. Especially when we have to bring in a priest to our parish to say Holy Mass on special days like 8th September or 8th December Thanks again and may God bless you abundantly.

 anita defranco     Mail
 Tue Oct 28 06:13 2008
I am trying to find the words and music to a Christmas hymn. I think it began "neath the olive shadows, Mary sat and spun." It goes on about Mary spinning cloth for her newborn son. It was in a hymnal song book in my church in the 40s. Thank you! anitamaggi@comcast.net

 Cテゥlestin POUYA   BURKINA FASO  Mail
 Mon Oct 27 22:38 2008
Merci pour ce beau travail. Que Dieu vous bテゥnisse et bテゥnisse cette forme d'apostolat par le chant et sur le net, il fallait le faire. Comme le dit St Augustin "Qui bene cantat bene ora" Qui chante bien prie 2 fois. Merci de nous aider テ prier 2 fois. I Barka wusgo

 sam   United States  Mail
 Wed Oct 22 08:52 2008
WOW! I had to find an old piece of music for a Homecoming Mass at my church... someone who went to grammar school there in the 30/40s requested a song... and all he could remember the the first 2 words... and not much more!

So being a youngin (i was not even a twinkle in my parents eyes at that time). So thank you for keeping these songs alive!

God Bless and keep up the good work!

 Dionisius Christian H. Barus   Indonesia
 Tue Oct 21 18:14 2008
Greetings from us in Indonesia, we were deeply troubled before to find ample resources on Latin chants and hymns, but thanks to this site, we can finally have proper knowledge of them for our community. Deo gratias!

 Lauren Hill   USA  Mail
 Fri Oct 17 21:50 2008
Greetings from the Pious Union of St Joseph, Shrine of St Joseph in Grass Lake Michigan. Thank you for this wonderful website. I am looking for hymns to St. Joseph and am very grateful for your archive. If anyone else out there has collected hymns to St. Joseph please let me know.

 Michael   USA
 Sat Oct 11 11:16 2008
Thank you for this site!!! I love the gregorian hymns and this is perfect!

This is great for when I have to learn a new song for mass.

 Payramale   England
 Mon Sep 8 06:56 2008
How wonderful a resource but when I listen on the Midi page I lose the words and music page. Is it possible to listen and read together?

 Robert Morris   United States  Mail
 Tue Sep 2 15:07 2008
If you can help with Nous Sommes Les Agneaux de Dieu please contact me at Mickerie@aol.com.
Thank you again.

 Robert Morris   United States  Mail
 Tue Sep 2 15:04 2008
Where may I find the music for Nous Sommes Les Agneaux De Dieu? I could have sworn it was on this wonderful site, but I cannot find it again and I desperately need it. Can you, or anyone give me a web address where I might find it?
Thank you so much.

 Wed Aug 27 18:41 2008

 Anne   USA  Mail
 Tue Aug 19 14:07 2008
This is fabulous! An incredible resource. All 'liturgists' and 'music ministers' can now throw out that OCP and Schutte junk and get all their Mass music right here!

 Raymond   Scotland
 Thu Aug 14 06:39 2008
A wonderful site, so many lovely hymns thank you

 susheela sarathy   chennai, India
 Wed Aug 13 00:40 2008
susheela, India. Tues. Aug.12 21:05p

Beautiful work, I enjoyed the music, God bless your good

 Alfred   USA
 Sun Aug 10 10:02 2008
Just found this site accidentally. What a blessing, to hear the french and latin hymns I grew up with. May God bless your work. I will visit often.

 Jared Christian Aro   Philippines
 Fri Aug 8 20:42 2008
Very very nice resource of Gregorian Chants. This is a great way of making it live somewhat forever.

 Annette   USA  Mail
 Thu Aug 7 09:24 2008
I am reminded of my childhood. Thank you for including the French songs. I have been telling my children that I want J'irai la voir un jour sung at my funeral. It is a family tradition. Now they will be able to learn it, but not use it for a while I hope.
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