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 Wed Aug 9 23:02 2017
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 Mr. James Tamayo   Rancho Cucamonga  Mail
 Sat Jul 15 13:53 2017
Great resource. May God continue to bless you in this great apostolate.

 Emmanuel wanger    Nigeria
 Sat Jun 10 17:00 2017
Good Job.
Am happy to be a Catholic.
Ave Maria

 Aurora   USA
 Fri May 12 09:30 2017
Ave Maria! Thanks for your blessed work.

 Wed May 3 08:41 2017



 Rex Homer Cablinda   Philippines
 Mon Mar 27 15:20 2017
Ave Maria!
Nice work. :)
Hoping to see some midi for lent, or others. :)
But nice work. :)

GOD bless!

 Deacon Charles R. Daye, Jr.   USA  Mail
 Sun Oct 16 01:40 2016
Thank you.

 Altair de Almeida Costa   Brazil  Mail
 Wed May 4 10:35 2016
I love gregorian chant and sing in a choral in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). If you love it too, visit my site: www.gregoriano.org.br

 Jean HAKIZIMANA   Burundi  Mail
 Fri Apr 1 19:42 2016
I'm happy to meet your website. Thanks a lot those music. Merci

 Emily   Usa
 Fri Mar 18 01:12 2016
Sang in grade school

 Luis   South Africa  Mail
 Tue Feb 9 01:34 2016
thanks now to try it at my Church in Kensington

 mauricio moreno   Bogot&#225;, Colombia  Mail
 Thu Oct 22 10:51 2015
La m&#250;sica Cat&#243;lica tiene himnos y motetes de gran riqueza.Amo la tradici&#243;n Cat&#243;lica y los cantos y la polifon&#237;a en lat&#237;n.

 Michael   Hong Kong  Mail
 Sun Sep 6 22:49 2015
Great to listen to truly Catholic music! If only this were heard in all parishes but not only during Traditional Latin Mass.....

 kim   Philippines
 Tue Mar 31 22:51 2015

I like your website because it makes me easier to memorize the propers and ordinaries... can you add the propers for holy thursday mass and missa XII pater cuncta?

 henrietta-henry   Nigeria  Mail
 Sat Mar 21 02:00 2015
Thanks for uploding the song

 Bartholomew   India  Mail
 Mon Jan 5 21:17 2015
Good work done. Thank you and keep it up.

 Suzanne   Canada
 Thu Jan 1 01:22 2015
Thank you!

 Sarah   USA  Mail
 Sat Dec 27 03:26 2014
Thank you! I sing at the Tridentine Mass choir. This is very helpful! May Jesus and Mary Bless You!

 Berrni Simon   Canada
 Sun Dec 14 08:29 2014
I Love the old latin music. I was maybe 6 yrs old when latin was no more. I miss it, and I buy CDs just to listen to it, and I learn to sing it, and I try to read it.

 AG   Japan
 Thu Aug 14 05:27 2014
I still have old files in the web server.
You may reach that page by this address.

TU ES SACERDOS by Aloys Desmet


 ernie molina   phillipines
 Thu Aug 14 02:27 2014
Hi I am looking for the sheet music to Tu es sacerdos by Aloys Desmet. Any help?

 Leah   USA  Mail
 Sat Aug 9 20:53 2014
Love your site! However, on the Home Page there is no other way to get to the other pages---there is no menu at the top and Google doesn't seem to pull up your website anymore... so it is very difficult to find.

Thank you!

God bless you.

To Jesus through Mary,


 Matthew   K  Mail
 Sat May 3 05:56 2014
I love this site. It is a pleasure to have all the sheet music and midis!

 george kihonge   kenya  Mail
 Wed Apr 2 05:51 2014
the song are very nice. it is a blessing to have such a site. god bless you

 pat burton   united states
 Sun Mar 16 22:35 2014
LOOKING TO HEAR "great and Glorious StPatrick"

 Epie manfred sone   Cameroon
 Fri Mar 14 19:37 2014
Sweet sacrament divine guitar chord I need is give praises to the lord

 Epie manfred sone   Cameroon  Mail
 Fri Mar 14 19:34 2014
The sweet sacrament divine guitar chord I need is to give praises to the lord.

 Maureen Belland   Canada  Mail
 Fri Feb 28 15:41 2014
I have 22 French singers in the Music Festive beginning
March 3, and I'm missing books or proof of purchase for the
following French songs.
Comme Lui by Robert Lebel, J'irai le Voir by P. Janin
Salut Marie by Paul Arsenault. Can you tell me where I can
purchase these>>>

 Jeffrey   Canada
 Thu Dec 19 09:33 2013
I really enjoyed the available resources that I've used for my Latin class! I hope you may expand the library more!

 Kuros   France  Mail
 Sun Nov 24 02:43 2013
So nice songs I like your harmonization. I'm part of a choir, is it possible to have the sheets of Veni Veni Emmanuel ?

 John   USA
 Sun Sep 22 02:13 2013
This is an outstanding site! For all the people in the West who have trouble with Latin, it is truly remarkable to find texts, sheet music, and midi files on a site from Japan.

Dominus vobiscum!

 e kerr   usa
 Tue Sep 17 03:27 2013
Looking for lyrics to great and glorious st patrick

 Libaers   <<belgium
 Sun Aug 4 18:27 2013
Thank you for the magnificent work.

Could I suggest to add, if possible, the " Subvenite" which is sung during the funeral mass, while the priest welcomes the coffin of the deceased, and just before the coffin is brought from the entrance of the church into the church.

 Margaret   Australia
 Tue Jul 23 14:54 2013
Many of these hymns have different tunes to the ones we sang in my youth and to the present day!

 Bridget   Sweden
 Sun Jun 23 15:29 2013
Thank you for the music!

 Elizabeth McNally   United States  Mail
 Fri Jun 7 17:17 2013
Thank you!!!!

 Jericho   Philippines  Mail
 Sat May 18 14:54 2013
Can you specify the composer of the music "Ecce Sacerdos Magnus" here in your website? I would very appreciate that. Thanks!

 Aurora   USA
 Sat Apr 13 10:02 2013
Wonderful and very useful for us. Thank you very much.

 Steve   USA
 Sun Mar 17 23:58 2013
Try HYMNARY.ORG for many traditional Catholic Hymns.

 victor   nigeria
 Sun Mar 17 19:34 2013
Hibernia's champion saint all hail,
With endless glory crowned.
The offspring of your ardent zeal,
This day your praise shall sound.

 Henry Strobel   USA  Mail
 Tue Mar 5 07:36 2013
Very fine!
Thank you

 Mon Feb 25 10:31 2013
Thank you very much for doing this. God bless you.
I found this when looking for the sheet music to a French hymn I know. I love haveing all the sheet music as well as the midis.
Merici Beaucoupe!

 James Tamayo   USA  Mail
 Sun Feb 24 08:29 2013
Thank you for the service you provide. May God continue to bless you.

 Augustine OFORI-PRAH   Ghana  Mail
 Sat Feb 23 08:20 2013
I find it extremely difficult to open any of these traditional catholic hymns. Please help me out because my soul is always at rest whenever I hear any of them. Many thanks.

 Augustine OFORI-PRAH   Ghana  Mail
 Sat Feb 23 08:19 2013
I find it extremely difficult to open any of these traditional catholic hymns. Please help me out because my soul is always at rest whenever I hear any of them. Many thanks.

 Augustine OFORI-PRAH   Ghana  Mail
 Sat Feb 23 08:17 2013
I find it extremely difficult to open any of these traditional catholic hymns. Please help me out because my soul is always at rest whenever I hear any of them. Many thanks.

 Fran   USA
 Fri Feb 22 13:47 2013
Looking for the lyrics to "Great and Glorious Saint Patrick"

 Pius Bayo   Canada  Mail
 Sun Feb 10 12:52 2013
The time the Church ment something for me. I would like more of the Church music.

 G.F. Kovacs   USA  Mail
 Sat Feb 2 21:51 2013
excellent site

 Peter F Van Horn   United States of America  Mail
 Sat Dec 29 23:44 2012
Great hymns

 Nick   US
 Sun Dec 23 01:17 2012
Great website :)

 Otfried   Taiwan
 Fri Dec 14 23:16 2012

 Rose   Us
 Mon Dec 3 12:07 2012
I'm confused I was looking for a hymn

 Sun Nov 11 05:51 2012
Wow, this is great! Thank you so much for making this site! Pax Christi!

 cecilia   USA
 Fri Nov 9 07:10 2012
thank you soo much for this website! i was looking for hymns on the saints and this site has helped me very much. keep it up! :)

 Amina   nigeria  Mail
 Thu Oct 11 22:03 2012
hi> good job here. pls how can i get the lyrics or solfa notes of credo in unum deum verbum panis thank you

 Nilson Neto   Brazil  Mail
 Fri Oct 5 12:01 2012
Thank you!

 AG   Japan
 Wed Sep 26 20:28 2012
Tu es sacerdos by Aloys Desmet

Please follow link at the bottom of the following page.


 Jon   USA  Mail
 Wed Sep 26 13:37 2012
Hi I am looking for the sheet music to Tu es sacerdos by Aloys Desmet. Any help?

 Moise Kisubi   USA/ from R.D.congo
 Mon Sep 17 04:36 2012
I need the song Oh sifduni Mungu

 Moise Kisubi   USA/ from R.D.congo  Mail
 Mon Sep 17 04:33 2012
I found the fortune I was looking for. your are doing a good job. God bless yoo!!!

 Sat Sep 8 19:04 2012
Conservez jalousement la memoire de ces chants de l'Eglise. Merci

 voltaire0505   philippines
 Fri Aug 17 19:41 2012
music lover

 vic   philippines  Mail
 Tue Aug 7 19:39 2012
i like it.

 AG   Japan  Mail
 Sat Jul 21 16:26 2012
J'irai la voir un jour

old page: (MIDI file, size 34KB)

Japanese Page (MP3 audio file, size 2,558KB)

 Katherine   USA
 Mon Jul 16 22:11 2012
Hello. I am looking for the song "J'irai la voir un jour"

 anselmus prihadi   indonesia  Mail
 Tue Jul 10 12:10 2012
credo in unum deum

 Henry Lubin   St. Lucia
 Wed Jun 13 00:51 2012
I am a member of a small all-male choir and would like to introduce this great treasure of older catholic hymns to a new generation. This site is indeed an invaluable resource that will help tremendously. May God bless you and your continuing efforts. Million thanks and to God be the glory.

 cyprian sserunkuuma   uganda  Mail
 Sat Jun 2 20:29 2012
i want to get all catholics latin Instrumetal music,

 Georges-Guy LOURDEAUX-LOUVET   France
 Wed May 30 19:24 2012
Merci pour cette belle documentation, en particulier pour le CHANT GREGORIEN. Puisse ce trésor culturel aider à semer des graines de NON-VIOLENCE et de PAIX au coeur des hommes. PAX hominibus bonae voluntatis.
Thank you for this beautiful doc, especially GREGORIAN CHANT. May this cultural treasure help to sow seeds of NON-VIOLENCE and PEACE in the heart of people. PAX hominibus bonae voluntatis.

 G. Carter   USA
 Tue May 15 09:18 2012
This is the greatest website. A traditional Latin Mass just started a while back in my parish, and I joined the choir. The written music and the midi file for the ordinary of the Mass is a great resource for someone learning the various Mass settings. Thank you for your website.

 hermes promiteo   philippines
 Sat Apr 28 19:29 2012
can i have a copy of its musical notes. thank you so much

 Wed Apr 25 04:21 2012
The peace of Christ and the love of Mary.
I ask you to pray for the Ministry of masters of ceremonies for our perseverance. God bless!
That in everything God may be glorified!

 Maria Rebecca   Canada
 Fri Apr 20 03:07 2012
I am blessed with this amazing site of Traditional Catholic Hymns. May God bless you!

 L. Miller   U. S. A.
 Sat Apr 7 07:25 2012
Need sheet music for J'irai la voir un jour

 Bill Mc Millen   USA  Mail
 Sat Apr 7 04:40 2012
Enjoyed the music hats off to you for making it available.
May God bles you eternally for your efforts.

 Andrew Mbeah-Baiden   Ghana  Mail
 Mon Apr 2 21:13 2012
Thank God
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